January 2015 -- Workshops

Don't let the post-holiday doldrums get you down. Join MSG and guest artists for a series of "Workshops in January." During this month, MSG will present eight, yes eight, workshops. The Salisbury Book Artists return on January 10 (postponed to March 7), followed by "Sip and Create" with Joanna McCoy on January 17, conducted at the wonderful High Spot restaurant complete with buffet, both back by popular demand. Then Deborah Haynes will present "A Way to Abstraction" on January 18. From January 30 through February 1, the nationally acclaimed artist Chris Carter will give a series of five three-hour workshops on line, shape, value, color and self expression. You won't want to miss the opportunity to improve your skills or learn a new craft. For additional information about each workshop, download the workshop brochure, which contains all you need to know about each session and form for registration.

Our workshops have been very successful. Participants say they have learned a lot and also had good fun.

Scenes from:

"Sip and Create"

Sip and Createimage Sip and Create image Sip and Create

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"A Way to Abstraction"

Way to Abstractionimage Way to Abstraction image Way to Abstraction

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"Chris Carter Workshops"

Chris Carter Workshopsimage Chris Carter Workshops image Chris Carter Workshops

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March 2015 -- Workshops


"Book Artists Workshop"

Back by popular demand is the Salisbury book artists workshop to be held on March 7. The workshop will run from 10am to 2pm at the Gallery on 518 Poplar. At this workshop, instructors Clytie Taylor, Lisa Fritts and Barbara Israel will teach you to make three artists books : a flag book, a concertina book, and a flexagon book. Cost is $45.

Don't miss any of the fun. Take a look at photos from our last book artist workshop. Scroll down to January 2014 on our events page.

Drop by the gallery at 518 Poplar Street Monday through Thursday from 11-4 for a flyer and to sign up or download the flyer at the gallery's website.